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The waiting is over! Check out this new and wonderful Kickstarter! The Eye Of The Beholder: The Art Of Dungeons and Dragons. Lots of interviews with artists and art directors who help to create these fantastic worlds! http://www.eyeofthebeholdermovie.com/kickstarter -- More

I'm thrilled to announce that 'Ruk-Metroplois' made it into Infected By Art 6! Once again, I have to give a shout out to the talented folks at Monte Cook Games for trusting me to do crazy stuff like this:)! -- More

A smaller painting I don't think I have shared. This one was just for fun:) I call him Brutus:) 7x10 oils UPDATE: Sold, Sold, Sold:) -- More

Just a reminder if you are in the Ocean City MD area! Saturday!, Saturday!, Saturday! Stop by and say hi:) -- More

I'll be at the Ocean City Comic Con in two weeks:)! If you're in the area stop by and say Hi! Should be a fun show. -- More

Ok...So one more Illuxcon down:o All I can say is "What a great time!!" Fantastic art. Fantastic people. Great conversations. All in all, it's almost more fun than should be legal:) Big thanks to Pat and Jeannie Wilshire for somehow getting this thing to work...artists can be an unruly group;) I don't how they pull this off every year, but they thankfully do!:) And it keeps getting better! Here's a look at a couple of little gems Cathy and I picked up at the show. By Christine Mitzuk and Samuel Araya respectively. So happy to own them!! Welcome home 'little art':) -- More

Iluxcon 10 in just a few short days! Here's a look at another piece I will have with at the show:) Dragonlance! This was done for the German audio book cover of 'Time of the Twins'. 18x36 oils on wood panel. If you're going to the show, stop and say hi! Can't wait to see everyone there:) -- More

A little more than a week to go until Illuxcon !!:o I wanted to share a couple of smaller paintings I will have with me for sale at the show!:) Can't wait to see everyone! -- More

'Dragon Flight' 12x28 oils on panel. Just never get tired of painting these animals:) -- More

I wanted to share another piece I recently finished. 'Rathen's Descent' 11x14 oils on panel. Who likes painting undead warriors?...this guy:) -- More

'Fee, Fi, Foe and Fum'...just a few old studio assistants that didn't make the cut;) 7x12 oils on panel. -- More

Here is a peak a private commission I finished recently. I actually remembered to take some progress shots of this one. I will share them as soon as get my act together and get them organized;) The client had a very specific concept for this which was alot of fun to bring to life! 18x24 Oils on mounted canvas -- More

I had the pleasure of being interviewed recently by fellow artist Mathew Kaminski. He makes me look like I know what I'm doing!..that's some skill as an interviewer right there;) -- More

After several months of work, I am very happy to announce that I have new website!! Many, many images and paintings for sale, as well as prints and other goodies:) I want to thank Calvin Seymour for putting up with me and not cussing me (at least to my face) when I suggest ...well ....all kinds of stuff;) Thanks for making everything work! Please take a look around. We are still shaking some bugs out, so let me know if you run into a problem. So, without further adieu- http://www.mattstawicki.com -- More

New cover art for the soon to be released 'Playing To The Gods' by Melanie Rawn for Tor Books! -- More

TBT: Spyro: A New Beginning. This project was a bit of a surprise to me when it came in. It's a bit more cartoony that I am used to and I wasn't sure they had the right artist at first. But, they asked me if I 'painted dragons', what could I say. Still, all in all it turned out to be a fun project! -- More

All finished signing these bad boys!I did a couple of quick doodles on the back of two prints. I thought I would slip them in the stack randomly:) -- More

Signing a few prints for my peeps at Monte Cook Games. I think they all say 'Stawicki' but honestly...who the hell knows:p My own signature started to look a little abstract around 800 or so:)....just kidding MCG:) -- More

Don't *$%* with Cthulhu!! New cover to be used in 'The Strange Box Set' released by Monte Cook Games. -- More

Monday, Monday, Monday:/ Here is a peak at the new cover for 'Sovereign Silk' by Elizabeth Gilligan released by DAW books! -- More

Check out 'To Guard Against The Dark'. The new (and final) book in the series by Julie Czerneda. Released by DAW books:) Cover by...some guy;) -- More

-- More

Here's a new piece I did for the crew at Monte Cook Games:) I have alot of fun with this particular (Ruk) world in 'The Strange' universe. It feels to me like almost anything goes and my approach is more abstract that usual. 'Ruk Metropolis' -digital :) -- More

Back and somewhat rested from an incredible experience at MidSouthCon! Got to hang out with some old friends and made some new ones:) The Midsouth crew treated myself and my entourage (aka. the Wife;)! ) like royalty!...and I could never thank them enough! In short a great time, at fantastic con with wonderful people! -- More

I will be at MidSouthcon in Memphis this weekend! If you're going stop by and say hi...or anything else for that matter:) I don't do a lot of covers that don't have any figures in them at all but, here's one. I alway enjoy painting crazy trees and forest environments. Done for the cover of L.E. Modesitt Jr's 'Recluce Tales' released by Tor books. -- More

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